Red cheeks of crying... not to match my pantyhose. I thought I'd clear that up.


The three main reasons why I’m into arts and practicing
it the best I can and in the way I love the most, is that:


- Firstly, at the age of 5 I had to dress up as a duck for an
   Alice in Wonderland ballet performance, while my best friend
   was a purple butterfly... I guess from that moment on I was determined
   to be in control and create my own appearance and environment.
- Secondly, I'm a dreamer, who dreams the night away (just like Ozzy...). 
- And thirdly, I’m born on the same day as Pablo Picasso, only 105 years       later, and I loved his work ever since. I like to see that as some sort of         sign, in a healthy way of course...

As a child I was always colouring and creatively busy with whatsoever, 
like any other. After following some art and drama classes too, my "creation foundation" was laid. In high school I took the creative classes, and went straight on to the art school where I tried some different studies (interior architecture, lifestyle and design) and even followed one year of art history on university. 

In 2008 I finally found the right study, Visual Communications on the Willem the Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and graduated in 2012. Besides learning the necessary skills, the teachers asked for a more conceptual approach of the assignments, which resulted in more creative freedom. Although it took several years to get here I'm very happy to have followed the other studies as well. I did learn a lot and I never lost the interest in the subjects back then, like interior design, architecture, fashion, photography and art.


Next to my parttime day job as an administrator I'm working as a graphic designer and illustrator on commissioned and self-initiated projects. I'm also developing some textile skills, like sewing, embroidery and weaving. 

If you're interested in buying my work, hiring me, working together or

want me to design something especially for you, which I would L O V E, just send me an email!

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