When you grow older it's a common thing that you're more thinking about life and death.
Not always in a very dramatic way, but more in
a realistic way.

You hear more often about people being chronic or incurably ill and die, or die of age. Not to mention all the bad things you hear every day on the news about what people do to each other or how many victims a natural disaster caused.

And on the other hand babies and baby wishes are popping up everywhere around me. The circle of life never stops.


History is of course also about life and death and sometimes on my holidays it hits me when I'm standing in front of a war memorial, in a church or at a graveyard. It's both a beautiful and a difficult thing, realising none of it matters, because life goes by in a rut anyway. But just this realisation and getting the beauty of it, makes it worth to live.

From the images I take and the illustrations I make with this thought in mind I'll form a ZINE called "DEAD OR ALIVE".

Old and new work will be combined, and some of the things will be shared before hand on this page and on my social media.

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