This helmet I made for Rotterdam based
motorcycle lifestyle shop Republic Moto.

The illustration contains the shop's logo, as well
as some symbols of Rotterdam; 
The big cranes that graces the skyline, as Rotterdam is well known for it's port. 
The shop was just located in the Fire Boundary,
the part of Rotterdam which was burned to the ground during WOII. This boundary is marked by little red lights on the sidewalks with an image of
a city in flames, a German bomber and the statue
of Zadkine's "The Ruined City".

For some extra decorations I used the interior design of this NEXX x GARAGE helmet
(pied-de-poule pattern) and applied it  on the outside, along with a big triangle, which in this position symbolises the elements fire and air.

For good luck there's the protective eye.

>> By the way...
I you have some protective gear (helmets, leather jackets or gloves) or maybe even skateboards,
and you would like it design and decorated by me,
I would love to do that!​

Please contact me for more information on possibilities, style and pricing by sending me an email.

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