New logo style for the band Savoy Room.
Their first cd was out for a couple of years when they started on new songs. 
They were all a bit older and had other things going on in their life. Instead |of moving on with the same relaxed have-drink-and-a-picknick-on-the-beach'y sound they wanted to create a more mature sound, which needed a more mature logo style.

They wanted to see some more of their individual emotional journeys reflected.
So I ended up creating this box (the frame of their new life, getting a grip, boundaries, but still open, transparent to not feel locked up. The layered and textures do apply because of all the things they've experienced thus far.

The logo is just the white and can be laid on all surfaces, used on artwork, photography, a sticker
on the album cover.


The colour of the artwork behind it reflects the mood of the couple new songs they released back then in 2016. This would change with the music.

Click on the arrows to see how the logo was used.
The last pictures show the use of other colours.

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