This is a fictional (propaganda) campaign on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church (RKK in Dutch), during a fictional epidemic. It's an indictment of society against the growing sexualisation and the observation that women increasingly differ from the traditional role that was ever approved by the Church, by God.

This is what has happened:

The epidemic strikes all women aged fifteen and older and causes them to have menstruation problems, like extreme bleedings, also known as menorrhagia.
This has a great impact on the health of the women,

like (sanitary) hygiene and not being able to have sex.

The standard menstruation remedies run out, uteri must be removed, doctors are baffled, don't know what to do and how to help. Some women die of it and the fear among society is great.

At it's peak posters will appear in the streetscape with the words: "THIS DOES GOD FOR YOU" (as the poster on the left says), followed up by five posters with solution tips from the RKK. By following these tips everyone will be all right.

1. This epidemic is God's punishment to the whole society, where he punishes the women some more by making them sick and useless.

2. Because God likes the people to have a good and blessed life, the RKK offers a treatment in exchange

or total devotion to the Roman Catholic Church, read:

hidden agenda.

Clicking through the next slides you will see and read more about the campaign resources.

God punished you for your sins.

But you know that He is merciful.
Through the Roman Catholic Church He offers you the possibility to heal and to improve your life. When you follow the next steps, in given order, you shall live a blessed life.

Donate money for the treatment and for

the preservation of the church.

Get rid of your body hair. This offer to God shows that you are willing to give up your
vanity and to present yourself as a new believer.

You will spend ten days of praying and fasting. By not giving in to your personal desire you will purify your inner self. God will be one step closer now.


You will be baptised in holy water. With this your whole body will be purified and all your sins will belong to the past. You are now ready to receive God.

Keep praying to God, live by the rules of the Holy Bible and the church. We will watch over you and your future and protect you from a relapse.

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