I'm Laurianne Houtman,

an illustrator and graphic designer, living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


As a child I was always drawing and making stuff. And I still do! 

In 2012 I got my Bachelor of Design degree at the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2012. I graduated in Visual Communication, but because I
like all the artforms and cannot choose one to excelence in, I just do them all.
That is: painting, illustration, graphic design, handicraft and sewing.

Throughout the years this has led to some cool commissions like:

• illustrations for JUMBO's (one of the biggest supermarkets in the Netherlands) first campaign of 2021, which even appeared in commercials on national television.

• artwork for some independent record labels.

• illustrating motorcycle helmets.

• selling personal artwork at some cool concept stores in Rotterdam.

book illustrations for someone who was very frustrated with her ex.


Since a while now I'm giving extra attention to my love for pattern design and my big dream to design for the fashion and interior industry. I also keep developing my graphical and digital design skills, to keep up with the world.


I would love to work with you, wether you're in the Netherlands or outside.
So send me a message by clicking on "contact' or reach out on social media to get in touch. Here you can also find more of my artwork, sketches and inspiration.